Matias Aguayo - Menta Latte Remixe

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  • For those who found Matias Aguayo's a cappella ramblings on Ay Ay Ay phonetically overwhelming but his skewed take on Latin-esque house intriguing, this varied EP of remixes ought to hit the mark. One might have imagined Kompakt to have compromised with more straight-shooting tech house takes from their old guard, but both versions hew close to Aguayo's oddball vision, taking it in subtly divergent directions. Norwegian cosmonaut Prins Thomas reins in his strobes, his Disco Version is one of his most synthetically-reduced and sympathetically arranged mixes to date. The big 4/4 kick and slap bass will ensure this sees more house play than anything off the album, but otherwise Thomas nonetheless keeps Aguayo to the fore, whistling bird-like trills, blowing rasberries, splitting into crazed babbling multiple-personalities, increasingly encouraged by bongos and tickled cowbells. Vincenzo Sanfuentes smothering Aguayo's slurred "Rollerskate" chant in exotica percussion, hinting at UK funky with a dinky digi-xylophone melody and berimba bass twang. Marked by offbeats, teases and syncopation it's close to Aguayo's original which, included as the B2, remains the most endearingly odd thing here.
  • Tracklist
      A Menta Latte (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) B1 Menta Latte (Sanfuentes / Aguayo Mix) B2 Menta Latte (Radio Mix)