Reggie Dokes - Until Tomorrow Remixed

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  • Reggie Dokes' cunning lies in an ability to produce house music that doesn't sound like house music. His is a style that's typically more heart and head than feet and hips, more jazz-bar than 16-bar. With three releases to the Dokes name in the last year, the people at Clone are clearly enamoured and considering the emotional acumen, it's not hard to see why. This latest 12-inch is limited to 150 copies, and, according to the accompanying blurb, asserts to be "just for fun"—a description that seems at odds with the record's subterranean depth. It's a bona fide black-label comprising two remixes of Dokes' "Until Tomorrow," one by Gerd alongside label honcho Serge, and one by UK newcomer, Ben Sun, both of which are very much in concert with the sentient feel of the original though distinctly more dance floor-oriented in approach. The latter hones in on the piano and Rhodes lines while Serge and Gerd target the strings. The symphonic aspect is reduced as house beats are afforded more prominence, though in neither is the sense of melancholy diminished. And that is where they succeed: if Dokes' original was too cerebral for the less intrepid DJ, then this is the perfect compromise—more danceable but emotively intact.
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      A Until Tomorrow (Serge & Gerd Mix) B Until Tomorrow (Bensun Remix)