Redinho - Bare Blips

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  • Many producers will tell you that the best tracks come together quickly. One man who's prone to these rapid bursts of inspiration is London-based newcomer Tom Calvert, who's been snapped up by the renowned Numbers collective for his debut 12-inch. According to his interview with Sonic Router, Calvert knocked up the majority of the eight tracks on his Bare Blips EP in just a week, but it's heartening to see that he hasn't confined himself to one particular style throughout this particularly productive streak. Even the range of tempos is vast: "Nuff Prang"'s stuttering hyperkinetic rhythm is the paciest offering here, and is sure to spice up sets of more adventurous drum & bass DJs with its joyous twitchiness, while "Lightning Strikes" sees him channel kaleidoscopic Zomby-esque arpeggios at a lurching 100 BPM. The self-explanatory "Banger" should appeal to more orthodox dubstep selectors, yet the flickering melodies and micro house clicks of "Pitter Patter" achieve a real emotional resonance. Take a cursory listen through this record, and it's clear that a lot of care and attention has been paid to the details, but DJs may find that many of the selections are too short for extended blends. Given the dance floor compatibility of "Boy Racer"'s grooving oscillations, it's a shame that it clocks in at just 96 seconds, but given the sheer quality of the material on offer, it's an easy thing to forgive.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Boy Racer A2 Lightning Strikes A3 Bare Blips A4 Pitter Patter B1 Banger B2 Nuff Prang B3 Mo Brap B4 Bare Blips (Bonus Beats)