Alex Flitsch meets Mutant Clan - The Farm Session

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  • It's not hard to hear where the trio of Alex Flitsch and Mutant Clan got the title to "Imanah." It's the aural equivalent of that nasty bassline that leads the way. The boys are so infatuated with the thing, in fact, that they do little more with the track than simply let it ride out, unencumbered by much more than a bit of percussive clatter—sometimes random, sometimes not. You can't blame them: When you find something like that in your studio, you don't want to do much to mess it up. It's a far cry from the often epic tunage that typified Connaisseur's earliest days, sounding almost like it'd be better served on the imprint's Outils Du Connaisseur sub label. That's perhaps why Patrick Chardonnet, the man responsible for the label's biggest early tune "Eve by Day," is brought on board for a deeper remix. He brings dub chords, birds chirping and a few strings to the table, transforming what was once mid-set fodder into peak-time territory via those strings that reach ever upward. It's not his finest work, but when basically all you have to work with is a remarkable bassline, improvisation is required. It certainly beats the digital-only remix from Himan, which passes by in seven minutes like (very slow) water off a duck's back.
  • Tracklist
      A Imanah B Imanah (Patrick Chardronnet deep mix) Digital Only: Imanah (Himan rmx)