Ripperton - Leonor's Lanugo Remixes

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  • This one, of course, isn't about Ripperton nearly so much as it is about the guy in the parentheses. We all know Matt Edwards has range. He's Radio Slave, he's REKID, he's half of Quiet Village; he's one of the savviest dudes in the field. But he really stretches out on remixes, and the two sides of this 12-inch offer him, in Radio Slave guise, at his most gently aquatic—though let it be known that both sides bump pretty hard. Part 1 of the Radio Slave remix of Ripperton's purring "Leonor's Lanugo" spends ten minutes slowing it to a crawl. The track's gradually glowing atmosphere sounds like Edwards is tipping his cap in Pantha du Prince's direction. It shimmers and glows and shifts shape like a coral reef, but most of the attraction is the way it builds. Edwards is no stranger to extremely long pacing, but here it's like exploring underwater life in real time. Part 2 shares its flip's gloss but is more space than deep-sea: Ripperton's central melody reappears, as it initially sounded, in a setting that's more fetching but just as alien as the original track, and the snares crack the tempo along.
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      A Leonor's Lanugo (Radio Slave Remix Part 1) B Leonor's Lanugo (Radio Slave Remix Part 2)