Lightness - Burning Mercury

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  • In the murky world of dub techno—or, more specifically, dubby tech house—few producers have made as much of an impact as Brendon Moeller. Since 2005, under his own name and as both Beat Pharmacy and Echologist, the NYC-dwelling Saffer has amassed a scary amount of work, most of it very decent. Area, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer (at least as a non-remixer), although if his jam-packed release schedule is anything to go by, that tag should soon disappear. Together they form Lightness, who, alongside the mercurial Moeller-affiliated Shetland, rank among 2010's coolest (/only) dub techno super-groups. Anyway, what they've come up with here is perfectly enjoyable, if not exactly the kind of thing non-dub techno heads will get a kick out of, particularly in the case of the B-side, which is about as submerged a piece you're ever likely to hear. It's basically the A-side re-imagined by a stoned hippo (glazed kicks, plodding bass, wafty chords), which is, more or less, a good thing. But not as good a thing as the A-side not re-imagined by a stoned hippo, which sounds like the scuzziest piece of low-riding, filter-abusing dub house-meets-minimal either man has put their name to. Again, it's by no means suitable for the unconverted, but if you're the kind of person who fantasises about Deadbeat and Savas Pascalidis getting down and dirty in the studio (or such like), you'll love it.
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      A1 Burning Mercury (Metal) A2 (3 Locked Grooves DJ Tools) B1 Burning Mercury (Sand) B2 (5 Locked Groove DJ Tools)