Mark Henning - Supersonic

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  • It's not often you get to see an artist as open about the pressure that trends and sounds puts upon them as Mark Henning was in his recent RA interview. It's admirable, really, because it reflects an openness to change that those stuck into genres too deeply to see their way out rarely even consider. The maturation process has served Henning well, if Supersonic is any indication. The EP seems to stand outside of any real "movement," a release that is the product of a single distinct individual. "Supersonic" lets its bass run wild, spooky even before the vocals—unintelligible, naturally—come in to spook you some more. You can tell this one started and ended with the bassline, but its shaky cymbals and slight syncopations in the beat add a welcome bit of personality as well. The same goes for "Cracker," whose darkness once again seems suited far better to a November release rather than a summer airing. Especially considering the fact that it jacks a sample from The Shining to heighten the tension even further. The B-side highlight "Sweet Atom" has the same sort of liquid synth echoing off into the darkness as "Cracker," but puts it over a far more driving groove. "Cracker" creeps, "Sweet Atom" gallops. And Supersonic, as a whole, might be the most assured thing Henning has put to tape yet.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Supersonic A2 Cracker B1 Baby Chow B2 Sweet Atom