The Crystal Ark - The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous

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  • The first time I saw Gavin Russom play live as Black Meteoric Star, it was boring. A sit-down affair that would have seemed academic if he hadn't been performing in a club. A year later, he had transformed the set into a headbanging dance party that was one of the best live shows I saw in all of 2009. Russom's new project, The Crystal Ark, takes the Black Meteoric Star evolution even further, adding vocals and amping up the energy. This second DFA single pops along at a breakneck 135 BPM, wielding a furious acid line for nearly 14 minutes. The tune is a tour de force—and not just because it's ridiculously long. Russom takes the listener through a few different movements. Sometimes we're listening to a woman talking in Spanish in time to the beat. Sometimes we're treated to two-finger organ soloing that resembles the same sort of minimalism that he offered as Black Meteoric Star. Near the end, we get what I'm betting is Russom himself repeating "I'm on fire" over and over again. Here's hoping no one bothers to put him out for a while.
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      A The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous B The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous (instrumental)