Silent Servant - El Mar

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  • You can leave motives at the door with vinyl releases that are limited to 100 copies. Especially when a label offers it in the digital format as well. Why bother creating something that you sell at a price that will never recoup the investment that you've made? My response is: "Why not?" In our download culture, scarcity is the most valuable of commodities. That's, of course, taking into account that said scarce thing is something worth having. For techno fans, Silent Servant's "El Mar" definitely fits the bill. His track for the Madrid-based Semantica imprint is deep and dusty techno laced with what sounds like a lost border radio transmission. It's simple stuff until the Sandwell District member casually lays some keening chords over top of the basic template, giving "El Mar" a melancholy that you'd hardly expect it capable of. Tresor mainstay Oscar Mulero is on the flip, providing a punchier remake. But like much of Semantica's output, it sees the producer in a more abstract mood than usual, with an offkilter dubby bounce providing the framework. It's solid work from both, no matter what way you get your hands on it.
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      A El Mar B El Mar (Oscar Mulero Remix)