Holy Ghost - Static on the Wire

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  • Holy Ghost provide a decent account of their electro pop credentials in their latest release for DFA. While in no way groundbreaking, the quartet of tunes assembled by Alex Frankel and Nicholas Millhiser is archetypal of a style which revels in a lack of pretentiousness and self-effacing nature. This is music in which fun is a more valuable currency than sincerity and as such any critique of it must be undertaken with its hair let down. So, bearing that in mind, can someone please tell me the name of the track sampled in "I Know, I Hear"? Its position on the tip of my tongue is driving me to the point of distraction. The song itself is a sterling piece of work, allowing me to put the pique to one side for six-and-a-half minutes. Undoubtedly the highlight of the EP, it blends tight disco beats with catchy refrains, choral arrangements and, as already noted, well-chosen samples. Caroline Polachek of NYC hipster outfit, Chairlift, also helps bolster the ensemble with a round of sha-la-laa-ing that invites a good old sing-along. Although robust enough, the other three tracks don't quite reach the same heights. They've each got their moments—the rhapsodic chorus in "Static on the Wire," the singing in a round of "Say My Name" and surly bass on "I Will Come Back" for example—but the melodies are somewhat interchangeable and perhaps spread a little too thinly over longer-than-they-should-be track durations. Bizarre reggaeton and wobbly-electro remixes by Drop The Lime and U-Tern respectively are slightly out of kilter with the established tone, but hey, it's all just a bit of good fun really.
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      A1 Static on the Wire A2 Say My Name B1 I Will Come Back B2 I Know, I Hear Digital: I Will Come Back (Drop The Lime Remix) Digital: Say My Name (U-Tern Remix)