Ideal - Schoene Frau mit Geld (Losoul Versions)

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  • The lyrics to "Schoene Frau mit Geld," a 1982 hit for Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW) band, Ideal, have probably never rung more true than they do right now. In times of cutbacks and austerity measures, who seriously hasn't contemplated: "I only need one in the world / A beautiful woman (switch gender as appropriate) with money"? Indeed, there's nothing wrong with wistful flights of fancy, especially when they come complete with bongos, marimbas and all things nice and escapist-like. Being a NDW track, it's not all diamonds-on-the-soles-of-her-shoes, and this is where a wryly-grinning Losoul comes in. Discarding the electric guitar clangs, weird pitch-bending synths and deadpan vocal deliveries of the verse, the Playhouse stalwart hones in on those marimbas, bongos and oh-so-pertinent lyrics, ups the tempo from beach hut to beach house and asks if you'd like a slice of lime with your tune. Erring on the jaunty has always suited Losoul, and in his carefree (well, apart from the money/girlfriend thing) tropicana, as the last vestiges of summer draw near, it seems we'll get at least eight more minutes of sun.
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      A Schoene Frau mit Geld (Losoul Remix) B Schoene Frau mit Geld (Losoul Instrumental Dub)