Adultnapper feat. Big Bully - Hazy Lazy EP

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  • Ransom Note boss Adultnapper can sure turn out some screwloose tech. Big Bully, too, leans towards the more surreal edge of dance music, except it's usually with his run-through-the-wringer effected vocals, that have lent themselves excellently towards tough cuts by Signal Deluxe and Mikael Stavostrand, amongst others. After such pedigree, I was a tad disappointed with the A side. It's on a pretty similar tip to Napper's "Madeleine," a highlight of Bugnology 3, with similar crunking drums and a skanking lead line. However, the drums don't crunk so much nor does the lead skank; it's not as daring. Bully's vocals, as well, start off subtle and whispery but around the four-and-a-half minute mark, get a bit too all-powerful, especially since they're a bit messy and the lyrics somewhat cliched. We find out later (on the b-side) that this is ironic, but it's not that obvious. It's a quite nice early night mood-setter (the mood being headiness), I just feel like these two could have done something more extreme together. "Baby what you got, I wanna break it down," slurs Bully over lead weight piano chords and a bumbling, tympanic kick on the B. Irony, see? The out-of-place, out-of-style street reference works well here, as does the slinky-as-it-gets backing track. A humming, throbbing sub bass line resonates underneath. This makes an awesome soundtrack to the pink elephants scene from Dumbo. (Try it.) It will no doubt appeal to a wide demographic, from dubstep-inclined bass heads to tech house freaks.
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      A Hazy Lazy B Lie to Me