Solomun - Sisi

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  • Morse code house piano riffs can be reassuring. Take the second and third tracks on this three song EP. The title of "Talk to the Hand" is a signal: this is an affectionate goof on trad-house. The first three minutes spotlight different drum textures (my favorite is the last, a jazzy full kit); then a simple up-and-down house piano riff comes in like something you'd hear at a fashion show. But it's not so much a parody as a tweak, an upgrade and a brilliant piece of engineering. "Curesto" is a little more overtly dramatic—moody strings, an odd urgency—and its piano pattern helps push things along. "Sisi," the A-side, is a lot techier. At the track's center is a short ostinato that's obviously synthesized but has a popping tonality that makes it seem as if it's being plucked rather than programmed, partly because it lines up so precisely with the snares. Along with a dramatic breakdown (it sounds like the track is being sucked into a drain), there's nothing here you haven't experienced before. But Solomun is skillful at making the whole thing pop even when you figure out what's going to happen next.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sisi 02. Talk to the Hand 03. Curesto 04. Sisi (Drum Dub)