Skatebård - The Starwatcher EP

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  • The BPMs maybe crawling up a few notches for many DJs but you'd be hard pressed to hear it in Norway. From the 90 BPM of dubstep's Nordic cousin, skwee, to the permanent inhalation of all things cosmic in disco and house, putting your head in the skies following a hypnotic stroll seems to be the focus. Although not held in quite the same international regard as Todd Terje, Prins Thomas or Diskjokke, Bergen's Skatebård has been producing some of the most superior disco, house and Italo out of Norway for the best part of a decade. The Starwatcher has two odes to late '80s Chicago house (with just a whiff of Italo) facing off with two awkward remixes that overdose on past sentiments. "Starwatcher II" begins with a primitive 4/4 beat that effectively works into a slow hypnotic and uplifting shuffle and rolls along elegantly before meeting some subtle Italo stabs towards its finale—an excellent blend of emotional and raw house that drips with private Cosmic party decadence. "Naar Det Rykker I Ringen" never quite reaches the same heights, but consistently moves forward in a more direct and stripped-down guise. H.R. Genova's remix of "Way Out" is for hardened Italo devotees only, while Plastique De Rêve's take is for Goa beach party veterans or perhaps Sasha in 1998.
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      v A1 Starwatcher II A2 Naar Det Rykker I Ringen B1 Way Out (Plastique De Rêve Mix) B2 Way Out (H.R. Genova R.M.X.)