Delta Funktionen - Setup One: Decorum

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  • Despite having a small catalogue, Delta Funktionen has been responsible for some of the finest techno of recent years. The Electromagnetic Radiation series reinvigorated the often-staid dub techno sound, while Silhouette is among the most menacing techno records never to have come from the Berghain stable. Therefore, it is fair to say that whenever Niels Luinenburg releases a new record, the pressure is on. Thankfully, Decorum has enough ingenuity as well as controlled brute force simmering just beneath its surface to make it a worthy addition to Luinenburg's discography. That said, the acid licks on "Abundance" is too similar to the laddish end of London tech house from the '00s for comfort, but thankfully, Luinenburg soon compensates, deploying an industrial sounding bassline that stomps its ownership all over the arrangement. There are parallels to another sound on "Erosion," but it's more positive one this time as Luinenburg mines the same abstract ambient path as Norwegian producer Biosphere, with even the same sonar blips in the outro. After "Erosion," it's time to get down to business: "One's Space" and "Please Identify" are in the mould of "Silhouette" but even more brutal and functional, with the former copper-fastening abstract sounds and stark tones to a utilitarian rhythm and the latter track featuring hammering metallic drums soldered to granite weight beats. Despite a slightly iffy start, Decorum is another resounding endorsement for one of techno's most talented new artists.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Abundance A2 Please Identify B1 One's Space B2 Erosion