Dario Zenker - Insirer

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  • The latest release on Peter Van Hoesen's label welcomes a new producer to the roster, while also reminding the listener of the importance of '90s techno. There are moments on Dario Zenker's "Insirer" when I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't listening to a post-Eye Q trance opus from Pascal FEOS or Kanzerlamt. That's a compliment by the way; the sweeping chord sequence that dominates "Insirer" is the epitome of Teutonic bluster, yet there is something infinitely soulful within its epic arrangement. It's evocative, emotional and thanks to the wonders of modern production technology relentlessly effective, as Zenker solders grainy, coruscating beats to push the track through a series of climaxes. By contrast, Van Hoesen's remix is utterly now, both in its design and sounds. Like his recent remix of Samuli Kemppi, the Belgian producer lays down a complex framework of rolling breakbeats and splintered beats, which sound functional and relentless. This approach is softened somewhat by the use of a dubbier version of the original version's chords, but the addition of an industrial strength, grime-caked bassline ensures it kicks angrily. The only downside to Van Hoesen's latest rework is that if he maintains this form, it may become difficult for him to devote time to his own work. Aside from this minor concern, Insirer is a worthy addition to techno's past-future continuum.
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      A Insirer B Insirer (Peter Van Hoesen Mix)