Sascha Funke vs. Nina Kraviz - Moses

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  • Everybody wants to work with Nina Kraviz these days. And why not? The young Russian's distinct voice and production style has added a wonderful twist to the catalogue of Rekids and Underground Quality. Her voice, meanwhile, pops up on Urban Tribe's newest effort and, here, she appears along with Sascha Funke on BPitch. Funke takes Kraviz and sends her voice on "Moses" to live among some of the murkiest house music that she's ever found herself within. The sense of space on the track is remarkable; it feels as though it's been produced in 3-D. Depth of this sort is nice for home listening of course. But for dance floors reliant on upfront production techniques, it doesn't make much sense. Funke provides a bonus version of the tune which puts everything into clear relief—bass, synths and voice. No such concessions are made on the first half of the B-side, however. Aptly titled "Headphones," the track wanders its way around Kraviz's muffled voice, anchored by a stutter of a bassline. Again, it's the type of track that begs for attention greater than your average clubber will give it. Considering it sounds different to almost anything that has come out in the past 12 months, though, you might be surprised by how many people who take the time to do so.
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      A Moses B1 Headphones B2 Moses (Bonus Mix) Digital: Moses (Stimming Mix)