Andomat 3000 - Hit Ze

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  • Four:twenty is a label that has a distinctly entrepreneurial feel about it. Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich have featured extensively, and Andomat 3000 and Solomun are no strangers either: It seems that the most prominent releases are the result of cherry-picking, especially considering that all of these names are German, and the label's based in Bristol. That said, these entrepreneurs treasure consistent work, and all of the producers involved on Hit Ze have been here before, seemingly brought together again by a canny curator. Andomat's usual template is groovy, tracky and full of Latin percussion. He doesn't veer too far away here, but "Hit Ze" is more aggressive and stutteringly forceful than we're used to. The kicks are subbier, chunkier and more lumbering. "Sigrun" has even more bass weight, rumbling underneath with cool choppy noises forming a hip-shaking shuffle for the serious hours. They're both good, but the remixes are less successful. Solomun's remix is quirky and twisted retro, a stomping neon number. You can see his point, what with the resonance on the lead hook that bends reality. It does this quite well, but unfortunately nothing much else. Seulo has visions of a nine-minute classic, building simple, one-note pad riffs on top of each other like it should be epic, and it's quite nice, with all the "inoffensive" implications of that word. It doesn't have a solidness of character, and the percussion is a bit of a mess. The Ruthit remix is the most rhythmically complex. Dissonant chimes, an off-rhythm synth throb, analogue bass and various other pointillistic elements bounce around the spectrum. It doesn't quite gel, but it's an interesting proposition nonetheless.
  • Tracklist
      01. Hit Ze 02. Sigrun 03. Hit Ze (Solomun Remix) 04. Hit Ze (Seulo Remix) 05. Hit Ze (Ruthit Remix)