Adam Beyer & Alexi Delano - Sleep Horn

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  • Of the two Beyer/Delano collaborations on the horizon this year, it's Sleep Horn, which Beyer reserves for the no-nonsense driving sound that he pushes in his relentless live sets. The pairing with fellow Swede Alexi Delano, who's better known for a more fashionable weird tech house sound, is a smart one. Delano's freakiness adds an edge and flow to the track which complements Beyer's loopy percussiveness nicely. The A-side is a high-octane workout. You can feel the enjoyment in the collaboration: They let loose with a churning, techy polybeat and a groaning, retching machination of a lead note swooping overhead like some demented metal creature. Few tracks conjure up images of getting seriously down like this one. With the B-sides, in which Beyer goes at alone, we're back to idiosyncratic hard-edged mid-frequency percussion with two different moods. "Filthy Lobster" creates a murky, aqueous atmosphere with bouncy kicks anaesthetised by a breathy alka-seltzer pad washing in between. "Grass Carpet" is rabbit-hole funk to a level that some might find just a bit too weird. (A good thing.) It's less straight 4-4, and more complex, with curious little sounds popping up throughout. The package is brought together and given lots of functional variety by the two Beyer solo tracks, but DJs fueled by adrenaline will be all about "Sleep Horn."
  • Tracklist
      01. Sleep Horn 02. Filthy Lobster 03. Grass Carpet