Kode9 feat. the Spaceape - You Don't Wash

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  • Four years ago, you'd never in your life guess this peppy thing, however dark its tonality and precise its production, had come from Kode9 and the Spaceape. That's how far dubstep has traveled. There's something calm about this record that fits its position in between so many other tracks that Kode9 clearly tasked himself with making sound definitive. This is a corner piece, not a center one. That doesn't make it any less lovely. At about two minutes, we get the silvery synth wash. Fans will remember this device. The first time one of them announced itself to me—that sudden sheet of impenetrable gleaming sound that cut the track at a completely different angle than I was anticipating—was, of course, on a signal release by Kode9's label Hyperdub, Rustie's remix of Zomby's "Spliff Dub," and it nearly split my brain open. Kode9's version of it is far finer, laser-like; it illuminates corners of the track more than it disrupts them. That it seems to announce itself as a variation on a theme, effective though it is, can't help but say something about the way eruptions eventually settle themselves down.
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      A You Don't Wash (Vocal) B You Don't Wash (Dub)