Various Artists - Pump / Flying Scotsmen

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  • Chymera and Cocoon. Seems obvious, no? Purveyor of big room techno meets purveyors of big room techno. Both are much more than that simple description. But, at their core, the goal is very much the same: Make people happy. On this split 12-inch, the Irish-born producer strives for that using big, trancey chords, a muscular rhythm and a thick bassline that cuts through everything to become the star attraction. No fuss, no filler. "Pump" does exactly what it says on the tin. Martin Dawson and Glimpse are less obvious Cocoon men, but their collaboration, "Flying Scotsmen," on the flip is no less effective. The tune bounces in the same way that Akufen once did on Force Inc. and uses the same sort of micro-samples as glorious punctuation. Periods, exclamation points, question marks, they're all in play here, as the duo seems to take pleasure in adding a different blast of noise every few moments. It's not atonal by any means and, by track's end, it all makes complete sense. But as it develops you may find yourself wondering what's coming up next. There are worse things to be afraid of.
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      A Chymera - Pump B Martin Dawson & Glimpse - Flying Scotsmen