Jay Shepheard - Shelter

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  • Songs come first in Ben Watt's universe. This, more than anything else, has been the guiding principle for his Buzzin' Fly imprint, a label—lest we forget—that was named after a Tim Buckley song. As a result, it's led to Watt and friends crafting a dance floor space that's a bit deeper than those who privilege function above all. Jay Shepheard's newest 12-inch is yet another example of Watt's aims, based around a rotating melody that brings to mind the most ebullient of Detroit techno mixed with a rhythm slow enough to slot neatly into a house set. The tune is remarkably simple, operating in the same arena as the music of Chymera. Indeed, it'd be clinical if it weren't so epic. (The best dance music often strides the line confidently.) Catz N' Dogz turn up on the flip, offering up two similarly melodic takes. The Interpretation Mix simultaneously makes the hook thinner and the beat deeper in which the bassline is the main attraction before a heavenly synth comes in and floats the whole thing down river. Their Jegerjoga take is perhaps the most functional thing here. Unsurprisingly, it's also the least memorable.
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      A Shelter B Shelter (Catz N' Dogz Interpretation Mix) Digital: Shelter (Catz N' Dogz Jejerjoga Mix)