Tim Toh - No Trace

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  • The comically brief Hardwax write-ups of new releases outdid themselves on Tim Toh's No Trace. "Deep house." Listen to the track, though, and it seems to beg for another adjective. Lush? Bouncy? Modern? All three descriptors would fit. But they only go so far as well. Toh's first foray outside of the confines of the Philpot imprint is for dub techno stalwart Ornaments. The impressively consistent label has made a living releasing no nonsense genre workouts for the past two years from the likes of Mod.Civil, Rhauder and Marko Furstenberg. Toh's tune doesn't fit the mold exactly. But his vocal-led track is strong enough to warrant the exception. He's employed his sisters Lisa and Jasmina to provide jazz soul singing that explores every possible iteration of the idea of "leaving no trace." Their limited lyrical concerns are no matter, though, as most of the enjoyment comes in simply listening to their vocal acrobatics. Manuel Tur brings things back to a more Ornamental feel with his "Non Chill Filtration" remix. It's reminiscent of his recent Solomun rework, but the formula hasn't worn thin yet. Driving dub techno with soulful vocals hasn't been explored this successfully since...well...ever?
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      A No Trace B No Trace (Manuel Tur's Non Chill Filtration Remix)