Ancient Methods vs. Adam X - Cardiac Dysrhythmia

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  • Adam X's recent resurgence has coincided with a renewed interest in industrial music among the genre's most revered practitioners. On this 12-inch for his Sonic Groove imprint, X collaborates with a duo that have been among the most celebrated of the new breed: Ancient Methods. Baeks and Trias, the pair that make up AM, have been making music since the late '90s, but it was only when they debuted as Ancient Methods in 2007 that began to make a lasting mark. Something happens when the two get together, something you can hear in the two remixes they offer on Cardiac Dysrhythmia. Their takes on "Proarrythmia" and "Mital Regurgitation" simmer with an energy that is barely contained, an aural evocation of the moment before a fallen power line hits the ground and sparks go flying. Adam X is no slouch here either. The sound is much cleaner than Ancient Methods, no doubt a result of his recent work as Traversable Wormhole. But the tracks crackle in the same way. And it may be even more powerful: When the unexpected occurs, as it does when he unleashes a furious repeated blast two-thirds of the way through "Proarrythmia," it's altogether more frightening.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Proarrythmia (Ancient Methods mix) A2 Proarrythmia (Adam X mix) B1 Mital Regurgitation (Adam X mix) B2 Mital Regurgitation (Ancient Method mix)