Claudio Fabrianesi & Donato Dozzy - Disco Infecta

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  • Donato Dozzy doing disco? That's actually exactly what it is, in a way, on Disco Infecta. The Italian producer teams up with fellow countryman Claudio Fabrianesi for an achingly slow 12-inch of smoky grooves. The title track has the moody synths that often typify Dozzy productions, but the programming seems to be all Fabrianesi, a straight-and-narrow downtempo rhythm that holds things together around its firm backing. Too tasteful? Possibly. It's easy to see "Disco Infecta" soundtracking the Buddha Bar as it is the beginning of a nine-hour epic set that gracefully moves from sub-100 BPM tempos to something harder and faster. You can tell in the duo and Mule's decision to release "the atmosphere" of the original, though, where they all stand on the issue. And 12-inch capper "Fade Out" further avoids any claims of tastefulness by offering more Pop Ambient-styled synth washes. The vibe here is more unsettled, a bit more unsure of itself, but the beat is forceful, absolutely clear in its intent. While "Disco Infecta" gets lost in head-nodding and marijuana smoke, "Fade Out" is invigorated by the murk, pushing forward through the haze. Play both in a club at your own risk; play both at home often.
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      A1 Disco Infecta A2 Infecta Atmosphere B1 Fade Out