;Underworld - Scribble

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  • Deep down somewhere below all of the talk about the return of ;Underworld (yes, apparently the semi-colon is included) is the information that "Scribble" is a collaboration with drum & bass producer High Contrast. Without this information, "Scribble" is pretty inscrutable as an Underworld track. The group has never entered drum & bass territory so baldly before, "splicing together Yellow Magic Orchestra and Grooverider blasting out over the dance floor at fabric on a Friday night" as the PR so ambitiously hopes. Mainstream drum & bassers may be playing (and dancing to) this. But what made the Dogman go woof back in the day wasn't the ease with which Underworld put together their tracks. It was in the way that they fused the unexpected with genuine hooks. "Scribble" is pop drum & bass, and pop drum & bass done well. But we've come to expect a bit more from Rick Smith and Karl Hyde than the sort of collaborative "feat." single that sounds far more like the person they're collaborating than themselves. "Scribble" isn't bad, it's just completely unnecessary. In a world with plenty of music, that's a far worse thing.
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      01. Scribble 02. Scribble (radio edit) 03. Scribble (Netsky remix)