Various Artists - Environmental Radiation Dose on the Moon EP

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  • It's often easy to hear what a producer has brought to the table in a duo setting. A trio, though? What can be said for sure is that Giorgio Gigli, Obtane and nAX_acid have plenty of love for the deeper strain of techno that has been so popular of late on labels like Prologue and found its footing with Rome's Elettronica Romana in the early '00s. Both Obtane and Giorgio Gigli's Zooloft and nAX's Aconito do too, embracing the hypnotic qualities of a 4/4 beat that punches you in the brain rather than the face. On this collaborative release between the two imprints, the trio mine the same territory with some very subtle differences: The biggest point of departure comes on "The Moon That Was Watching the Child," which has a bite to it that this sort of techno often lacks. The metallic pinging may not seem like much, but it sets the track out as a busier and more frenetic tune than many contemporary releases of this ilk. On "The Moon" and "The Child That Was Watching the Moon," however, the major appeal is in how it seamlessly rolls out. It's fascinating too, because close listens reveal that the stuff that they push up against these velvet soft beats is absolutely avant-garde musique concrete that wouldn't be out of place in a Pierre Schaeffer composition.
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      A The Child That Was Watching the Moon B The Moon That Was Watching the Child