Great Weekend - It's Now

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  • Anthony "Tone" Khan had made his bones recently in the hip-hop world as a close collaborator with Common, but the Chicago DJ/producer's dance music bona fides are impeccable. The man behind Great Weekend did his time on the floor at The Music Box, got tips from Armando and Mike Dunn and counts none other than Chaka Khan as his Aunt. It's Now should support that assertion as well: Composed of two blinding bits of disco house, borne of a life spent in love with dance music. You can hear in the cowbells, synth blurts and even in Justin Carter's voice exactly how deep that love goes. Khan, like Metro Area, are in love with the details, slicing off the excess fat to leave behind funk that sounds as it did in the '80s. What distinguishes this 12-inch from Morgan Geist's solo work with Jeremy Greenspan—which "It's Now" definitely resembles—is the abandon that Carter brings to the vocals. He's cool, but not completely under control. That's no bad thing. The female singers in "That's Where It's @" make this obvious. They're cheerleaders, chanting lines. It's no obvious singalong, though, which has me reaching for the instrumental more often than not.
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      A1 It's Now Feat. Justin Carter A2 It's Now Feat. Justin Carter (Dub Edit) B1 That's Where It's @ B2 That's Where It's @ (Instrumental)