Orbital - Don't Stop Me / The Gun Is Good

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  • "We've got 15 years of active service, making song. If you boil that down to a 90-minute festival set you should get something thoroughly exciting from beginning to end. Let's put some fun back into it." So said Phil Hartnoll upon the group's reformation for a live performance at The Big Chill in 2009. In some sense, that's probably all you need to know about Orbital these days. Same for their comeback single, the first new music from the brothers in six years. The group has successfully settled into nostalgic act territory, more than happy to play the hits almost exactly as you remember. (The changes are mostly in the stage show, which remains a spectacle like few others in electronic music.) Both "Don't Stop Me" and "The Gun Is Good" no doubt work well on the big stage. The former samples the "ohhhwoooooo" from "Video Killed the Radio Star," the latter breaks down for an extended rant about God's foibles in creating the Earth. It's reminiscent of the types of singles that the Hartnolls have released in the latter stages of their career, going for the jugular at all costs. Nostalgia trip? Sure. Added ammunition for live show? You betcha. Something that captures the zeitgeist in the way that their early singles did? Well...
  • Tracklist
      01. Don't Stop Me 02. The Gun Is Good