Teeloo - Habitant EP

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  • In a world where the kick drum is king, it's refreshing to be granted a bit of relief from the relentless throb of the 4/4 beat while being treated to a piece of music that retains all the other familiar sensibilities of house music. The title track of Teeloo's EP is such a tune. With a hint of Luciano about it, "Habitant" is a mad hash of tribal drums, spacey, off-key synths and lumbering percussion, and ends up sounding halfway between a Tarantino film score and the elevator music in the Death Star if Darth Vader had a sense of humour. Ripperton tidies things up considerably with his remix, kicking things off with keys before deep, brooding synth stabs take over, creating a deeply creepy atmosphere. It's less playful than his recent productions; a warped, ear-drum melting synth marks the midway point through the nine minute epic before heads aim squarely downward for the rest of the track. African-style vocals mournfully greet us on the flip along with a significantly reduced BPM played out with lugubrious beats and chords. While all the elements are there, it's unconvincing as either moody deep house or plinking electronica, with some of the instruments not quite sitting comfortably with one another. The Nitin remix is much more purposeful in its approach, the bassline easing itself slowly in and out of the mix, giving room to a relentless synth pulse which is the real star of the show. An early player for the techy crew or peak-time stuff for deep house heads, this mix stands out on an otherwise merely very good EP.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Habitant A2 Habitant (Ripperton Remix) B1 Esso B2 Esso (Nitin Remix)