Guy Gerber - Love/Hate

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  • Guy Gerber has rarely met a dreamy sound he didn't like, pushing a luscious strain of house that is as indebted to hands-in-the-air arena trance as it is to advanced-plug-in minimal. It's a heady brew, but a successful one: Gerber is the undoubted leader of the pack of the new generation of Israeli producers that have emerged over the past half-decade because he has been able to balance the two genres so well. Hate/Love is a perfect example of what happens when Gerber gets it right. The title track bounces brightly, almost undaunted by the haunted strings and voices that fly into the picture halfway through. The latter repeat the phrase "no more, no more, no more," but once Gerber echoes the refrain with bells you get the feeling that it's a half-hearted protest. "Lost in You Like a Chinese Cookie" operates in the same manner, its rubbery theme making it sound like what might happen if Orbital wrote Snivilisation in summer. The summer vibes continue, albeit in far chunkier fashion, on "The Stockholm Syndrome." Gerber once again can't help but insert sunshine in a sinuous little synth that works its way to the fore. The big room is never far away from Gerber's sights, expect to hear tracks from Hate/Love in plenty of them this summer.
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      A1 Hate/Love B1 Lost In You Like A Chinese Cookie B2 The Stockholm Syndrome Digital Only Hate/Love (feat Dawn - Guy Gerber & Varoslav's 106 Dalmatian version