DJ Qu - Law

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  • People will say what they'd like about Sascha Dive, but it's impossible to deny his passion for house music. Many people talk a good game, few bother to back up those words and release music by them. Dive has used his clout to present the work of deep house producers such as Scott Ferguson, Brothers' Vibe, Moodymann and, now, DJ Qu to new audiences, and simultaneously pushed a distinctly Frankfurt-centric take on the genre as well. Law sees New Jersey get the most representation on wax: Qu and Vibe both turn up on the A-side. Qu's "Law" is in his now-standard chugging style of house that allows for a large amount of room for abstraction. The weirdness comes in the form of queasy strings, a two-note synth line and a single piano note that seems to stretch forever. Take it apart and you have an absolute mess. In Qu's hands, it feels strange and wonderful. Brothers' Vibe does what he does best on his remix: He finds the groove and runs it into the ground, piling accents and touches throughout that helps it feel like it's ended someplace far from where it started. (Even though it clearly hasn't.) Dive himself takes the B-side—all 14:44 of it—and lays down a typical Rheinmain beat. Loopy, relaxed and with little to hold onto, it replaces the urgency of the A-side for surface vibes. To take this remix deeper, you'll need an a cappella or two.
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      A Law (Original) B1 Law (Brothers' Vibe Law Dub) B2 Law (Sascha Dive's C20H25N3O Remix)