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  • Distilling UK funky, dubstep, grime over a future blend of bass, the sonics of head honcho Steve Goodman, AKA Kode9, and his Hyperdub label is so sharply attuned to the cutting edge, their music practically draws blood when it hits you. His new DJ Kicks mix is as good of an example as you're likely to find of such bloody work, providing a snapshot of his DJ sets throughout the first half of 2010. Lone's "Once in a While" opens the mix with a slab of forward thinking electronic bump to loosen up the limbs before shifting into UK funky with percussive heavy business from Cooly G, Ikonika and Rinse FM's grimey breakfast star in-the-making Scratch DVA. The middle of the set moves into more jump-up garage and dancehall-infused flexing from the likes of Sticky and Mujava. Heavy hitters from talent such as Terror Danjah, Digital Mystikz and Zomby shows that Kode 9 isn't afraid of donning more ghetto/jukeish garms, and then it all ends with The Bug's "Run," a nod to one of the pioneers of bass-heavy, yet innovative dance. Although showcasing a wide array of rhythm, Kode 9's impeccable tune selection and skilful blends manage to allow the styles to seamlessly hang together. For an artist originally lumped in with dubstep's more lairy crew of producers and DJs, Goodman's mix is resolutely envelope-pushing. It takes aim at the hips as well as the head, but doesn't resort to frenetic volume to get both moving. Rather than following the cartoon wobble, Goodman is clearly unafraid of heading into unchartered sonic territory. With releases such as Ikonika's full length Contact, Love, Want, Have and EPs from Terror Danjah, 2010 has seen Hyperdub continuing to push things forward. Along with Night Slugs and the Numbers crew, the label is a big part of why UK electronics are currently in such rude health. DJ-Kicks shows that Goodman doesn't just have his finger on the pulse of fresh electronic music: He's an essential part of its heartbeat.
  • Tracklist
      01. Lone - Once In A While 02. Aardvarck - Revo 03. Kode9 - Blood Orange 04. Kode9 - You Don't Wash (Dub) (DJ-KiCKS exclusive) 05. Cooly G - Phat Si 06. Ill Blu - Bellion 07. Ikonika - Heston 08. Scratcha DVA - Jelly Roll 09. Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix 10. Grievous Angel - Move Down Low 11. Sticky feat. Natalie Storm - Look Pon Me 12. Sticky - Jumeirah Riddim Sequel 13. Mujava - Pleaze Mugwanti 14. DVA - Natty 15. Aardvarck - Re Spoken (Nubian Mindz Released Mix) 16. Morgan Zarate feat. Sarah Ann Webb - M.A.B. 17. Rozzi Daime - Dirty Illusions 18. Zomby - Spiralz 19. Kode9 - It 20. J*DaVeY - Mr. Mister 21. Digital Mystikz - 2 Much Chat 22. Terror Danjah - Stiff 23. Digital Mystikz - Mountain Dread March 24. Zomby - Godzilla 25. Digital Mystikz - Mountain Dread March (Reprise) 26. Addison Groove - Footcrab 27. Kode9 vs. LD - Bad 28. Maddslinky - Cargo 29. Ramadanman - Work Them 30. Terror Danjah - Bruzin (VIP) 31. The Bug feat. Flo Dan - Run