Various Artists - Berghain 04 Part 01

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  • The lead-up to another Berghain/Panorama Bar compilation is always a fruitful one, as it's a moment when Ostgut opens its 12-inch doors to outside producers. Tony Lionni and Levon Vincent both had breakout moments courtesy of the Berlin imprint, and in advance of Ben Klock's new mix for the label we have plenty of chances for the same: Ostgut has put together three samplers (two vinyl, one digital). The first part showcases how eclectic Klock's mix gets, pairing up dubstep/techno/whatever producer Martyn and Berlin techno true believer Roman Lindau. Martyn's contribution is as you would expect, hitting at 130 BPM and containing a breakbeat that makes it compatible with just about anything you'd like to play that's near it tempo-wise. "Miniluv" is not among his most memorable work, but that says more about his most memorable tracks than it does this in particular. The healthy sub-bass slides neatly underneath a percolating patter of synths before a brief theme emerges and dominates its second half. Also playing to type is Roman Lindau, whose dub techno for Fachwerk has helped build the label into one of the most reliable imprints in Berlin. It's tough stuff, but finds plenty of room for the sort of grit and gunk that doesn't make it into other producer's tracks. This attention to detail has made Lindau and label mates Mike Dehnert and Sascha Rydell such a powerful team. Credit should go to Klock for reaching out and giving these diverse sounds a slightly bigger (and different) platform.
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      A Martyn - Miniluv B Roman Lindau - Keppra