Gerd - 1 In The Morning

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  • Some tracks just cry out for interference from DJ Koze. Gerd's "1 in the Morning" is one such record. The veteran Dutch producer originally released the cut through his own 4 Lux imprint early last year, while this Stefan Kozalla update arrives almost 18 months later via Philpot. A Pharrell Williams-style R&B vocal delivered by Dr. Orion is "1 in the Morning"'s central facet ("1 AM we at the club / 2 AM we shakin' it up / 3 AM we at my house / 3:15 and I'm kickin' her out"). Party and production-wise the track is sound—sprightly drums straddle a velocity seesaw, as a funk-licked arpeggiator line provides heat and pop appeal—but is likely too slick for the house and techno floors Gerd's material ordinarily inhabits. Sensibly choosing to commit acts of vocal buggery, Koze's re-rub chops, scrubs and reverses Dr. Orion's lyrics, leaving a timbrally unsoiled passage to press on while all sorts of audio nonsense roams free. It doesn't pack the leftfield punch of his Sascha Funke or Battles reworks, but nonetheless rubs the sweet spot through unstable keys, splashy open hats and the classic Koze ruse of using toms (or at least appearing to) as a bassline. You get the sense that Gerd liked the idea of "1 in the Morning" being vitiated by Koze. And you can equally imagine Koze chuckling to himself while moulding yet another original mix to his own twisted ends.
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      A 1 In The Morning (At The Club) B 1 In The Morning (At The Club) (DJ Koze remix)