Speedy J - Trails

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  • Somewhere along the way we forgot about Speedy J. Not all of us, mind. True techno heads have rarely stopped their celebration of the Rotterdam-based producer since his appearance on the scene in the early '90s. But because of his understated approach to self-promotion, the Electric Deluxe label boss has dipped in and out of the mainstream narrative of the genre according to what's deemed fashionable. That's too bad: Jochem Paap has remained as consistently dedicated to innovation as anyone in techno, tweaking his live set-up and production methods to remain as ahead of the curve as possible. It's kept the hype wave that Richie Hawtin talked about last year in an interview with RA at bay. Like a long-term stock investment, he ain't the flashy choice, but the level of consistency is welcome in your portfolio. Such is the case with "Trails," Paap's newest 12-inch, which quietly goes about its business over the course of its nearly 15 minute length, methodically mulling over a brief melody. It's similar in feel to Papp's stunning collaborative slow techno podcast with George Issakidis last year. Edit Select's remix turns up the intensity and BPM. Crucially, though, there's no loss in subtlety: The Glaswegian producer's take is a shuddering beast that circles endlessly around the idea of falling apart. It never does, held together by deep beats, static and its own momentum. Digitally, you can hear Select's parts in various forms as tools and the Hooked Remix, but the one pressed to vinyl is the most powerful by far.
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      A Trails AA Trails (Edit Select Remix)