Andy Stott - Tell Me Anything

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  • Andy Stott's Tell Me Anything has all of the brooding intensity and grit from his tougher outings, but also contains uncommon warmth as well. Following in the same vein his previous releases on Modern Love like Night Jewel, Stott's two-tracker flutters between warehouse techno and luxurious slumbering house, evoking memories of long humid summer time nights. "Tell Me Anything" opens the EP with a deft and luscious padded kick drum and shuffling snares akin to a moody, teched-out Theo Parrish production. The track is drenched in atmospheric chords, which throb and drone, adding to the sultry mood of the track. It's Stott at his most delicate, effortlessly balancing the grimy influence of dub and Basic Channel with groovy crescendo keys that sound like empty milk bottles being rattled. Stott continues his longtime flirtation with low-end bass and diverse percussion on "Love Nothing" as it meanders along in the same rugged vein as its predecessor. These keys intimate that this track has a more serious and ominous intent, something confirmed by Stott's trademark metallic drums that chug along with intensity. Rasping snares, intricate cymbals and brooding vocals are the further ingredients. They add up to a result that is both warm and atmospheric, and complete yet another successful Stott EP for one of Manchester's finest labels.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Tell Me Anything B1 Love Nothing