The Third Man - Messier 66

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  • For those who worry that the classic strains of Detroit techno may be extinguished, Kirk DeGiorgio offers up Exhibit DDS-2, a new EP from 26 year-old Londoner Toby Leeming. The producer, who goes under the name The Third Man, has put together a three-tracker for the dance music vet that recalls some of the best the Motor City has to offer, speeding along at a brisk pace, but never forgetting that emotion is paramount. Messier 66 sounds almost too easy, each track perfectly constructed and perfectly tuned for maximum dance floor effectiveness. "Anadine"'s curling synth riffs are brought to bear via almost industrial rhythms. Things aren't all gloom and doom, however, as both of the other tunes are on a more uplifting tip. "Paucity" is especially glorious, wringing all it can out of its lengthy chords, while "Messier 66" gets to an ecstatic place courtesy of an acid line that bubbles underneath. Leeming's sound palette on Messier 66 is defiantly classic-leaning, leaving aside innovation for a narrow craft-orientated focus. As such, many DJs will find that they have tracks that sound mighty similar in their bags already. If you're looking for slight variations on tried-and-true formulas, however, there's few better examples in 2010 than this.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Messier 66 B1 Anadine B2 Paucity