Marcel Fengler - Thwack EP

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  • Marcel Fengler is perhaps the most underrated of the crew of DJs and producers working in and around Berlin's Berghain club. Much of this is likely down to his slightly slower rate of production compared to his compatriots. Fengler releases are few and far between, seemingly a once-a-year occurrence. Thwack follows suit, but is slightly unique in that it's Fengler's first for a label outside of Ostgut. That said, it's not far removed in place (Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver) or sound (the EP fits neatly into his discography). Unlike his recent RA podcast, there is little here that you wouldn't already expect from the techno lover. Both "Thwack" and "Sculptures" are pitched at a moderate pace, but have a spring in their bounce that give them a crucial momentum. "Sculptures" is the livelier of the pair. But "Thwack"'s plod is more intriguing, as it's cut through with a screech that soon becomes secondary to the militant stomp. Fengler's talent is in the way that he balances functionalism with distinctiveness. There's always something going on in each track that should arouse interest, but it's never so fascinating that it gets in the way of the beat. Fengler has taken plenty of time tweaking these to perfection, and you can hear it in every measure.
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      A Thwack B Sculptures