Matthias Vogt - The Way EP

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  • I loved Matthias Vogt's "Frankfurt Sour," which kicked off the RA Motorcitysoul podcast and ran for its entire ten-glorious-minute duration. Following barebones Detroit house tropes, all throbbing analogue components and a dystopian bleep riff which could...and did...go on forever, it might have been made ten years ago yet still sounded fresh. As a result, The Way came my way with serious baggage, and while it by no means lives up to its predecessor—what could?—it delivers enough punch over its varied tracks to be worth investigating. The lead single is the weakest thing here, formulaic tech house made up of commercially slick loops which flail about but go nowhere. It's a slow building track, with a bass drop midway bringing the only drama. It's brought down by the irritating "Hey!" vocal which persistently, unvaryingly, repeats itself. The Chinese Ghost dub puts things right, its bolder rhythms bringing an immediate hit and a Chinese zither break adding a welcome kookiness. Most importantly, the vocal's gone. Odder still is "Accelerator," a fusion of wispy Traum wooziness with deeper drums. Bittersweet trance melodies are tapped out on dinky chimes and dog toy squeaks, skirting dangerously close to cheese but coming out clean. Two strong tracks then, but still disappointing compared to his earlier work.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Way (Original Mix) 02. The Way (Chinese Ghost Dub) 03. Accelerator