Koljah - Simple Things EP

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  • Vidab has never sounded much like a straight house label, but Koljah's Simple Things EP nonetheless inaugurates Vidab X, a place for the imprint's artists to present their more experimental compositions. It says something interesting about the label's perception of what "the dance floor" can handle, because Simple Things sounds like it would work fine. Four-to-the-floor beat, a minimum of melody, a clear build to some sort of climax. It's all here. Perhaps it's the understatement with which Koljah goes about his business. "It Makes Me Think" never reaches anywhere blinding and obvious. It instead creeps ever so slowly with a piercing melody that slowly goes through its paces. Underpinned by a growling bass pulse, it's not a peak-time killer. It's the lead-up or the come-down. The same goes for the title track, which glows brighter but similarly acts as connective tissue for DJs in need of a way to get from track A to track B. Like Culoe De Song's tribal deep house stripped of its dramatic import, Koljah focuses his attention on putting forth a groove and then playing out as many rhythmic possibilities as he can muster within its confines. There's plenty to interest within its ten minute length, most of all the way it continues to swing longer than you imagine it possibly could.
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      A Simple things B It Makes Me Think