Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh - Freya / Mauersegler

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  • In the rush to put Berghain and Panorama Bar into two neatly-defined boxes—raw techno and summery house—commentators and clubbers alike tend to ignore the full breadth of the club and its attendant label, Ostgut Ton. Few seem to remember, for example, that My My and Nick Hoppner's refined tech house has come to soundtrack plenty of hours upstairs and way back in 2005, Andre Galluzzi mixed the very first Berghain compilation. Forgetting the latter is understandable. Galluzzi rarely plays the downstairs room any longer, his sound a better fit for Panorama Bar's less brutal environs. The same goes for this EP for the imprint, pairing the German producer with Dana Ruh for a two-track release that explores the hypnotic and heady sound that Galluzzi has favored of late. It sounds like little else on the label: "Freya" pumps like the best sort of tribal minimal with voices appearing from nowhere and a rolling groove that has enough ups and downs to keep things interesting. "Mauersegler" seems to use many of the same elements but in a less dramatic way. There's nothing innovative about it, but Galluzzi and Ruh's interests are functional: Ostgut Ton 12-inches are for the floor, and this will likely work well on both levels of the famed institution.
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      A Freya B Mauersegler