Aeroplane - We Can't Fly

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  • We had it wrong in the beginning: Aeroplane was never a cosmic disco thing. (Even if they did sound like it.) It was a pop music thing, plain and simple. Stephen Fasano and Vito De Luca's little Eskimo project never would have crossed over in the way they did otherwise. Play Aeroplane for a friend not all that into electronic music, then follow it up with Lindstrom. It's easy to see which one they gravitate towards. "We Can't Fly," the duo's first single in advance of their debut album, illustrates this even better than their previous work. Nominally Balearic, it pumps with the sort of anthemic pomp that typifies the best slowed-down summer jams. Perhaps all you need to know, in fact, is that there's a marimba. Or a piano breakdown. Or voices that "aaahhhHHHHH" as if they're in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. On the right stereo, you might hear it in the same spirit as Atomic Kitten's sugar-sweet cover of "The Tide Is High." (Perhaps the same stereo Stephen Fasano heard it on when he decided to leave the band.) Which is to say that if anyone bothered to listen to the radio anymore, this might be an ideal soundtrack to a city's summer. Settling for a personal soundtrack, though, ain't a half bad compromise.
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      01. We Can't Fly (Radio Edit) 02. We Can't Fly (Extended Drums Mix)