Joris Voorn - The Secret

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  • Two of Ibiza's biggest 2009 success stories, coming together for a single in the middle of May 2010. Is "The Secret" what synergy sounds like? You can't blame Cocoon or Joris Voorn. Both parties stand to gain if audiences warm up to this one-sided 12-inch. It's almost impossible to imagine that they won't either, given Voorn's dedication to crafting a big-room anthem that rides the line between underground and overground perfectly. Much like Guy Gerber, Voorn is a master of building tunes that are immediate and yet not immediately annoying. "The Secret" fits this mold perfectly, unleashing a fist-pump-inducing hook that Voorn modulates ever so slightly to keep things fresh throughout. It's a rare sort of talent, and it's why he crossed over in a big way last year. And it's why this good-time disco-tinged tech house roller will likely do the same.
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      A The Secret