James Kumo - The Rex EP

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  • Operating under the radar for the past few years production-wise, James Kumo has amassed a distinctive discography in the short span of just a few releases. His work has been characterized by techno that doesn't skimp on melody. Kumo's approach has clearly caught the attention of a few label bosses. Dan Curtin released his last EP and, here, Fader's Curle imprint offers two more Kumo originals. The duo are slightly softer in focus than his previous works, but no less satisfying. "Coming Home" is tech house married to the sort of melancholy associated with late '90s IDM or recent productions from Donnacha Costello. The beat is almost beside the point, filling in space while Kumo puts the melody through its paces. "Back at the Rex" is a bit harder beat-wise, but no less tear-jerking in its aims. Yearning chords and a syrup-encased synth line are the main attraction, with the drums coming in a distant second once again. Those in the mood for muscle need not fear, though: Peter Van Hoesen's remix of "Rex" has a fathoms-deep minimal bassline and crunchy rhythm that should satisfy. Hard to say exactly where Kumo's original is in it exactly; Van Hoesen remakes the track so completely that it simply sounds like a PVH original.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Coming Home A2 Back at the Rex B Back at the Rex (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)