Jamie Lloyd - Beware of the Remixes

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  • Future Classic is responsible for some of Sydney's most interesting looking line-ups, so it's no surprise when it comes time to get remixes for their latest full-length (Jamie Lloyd's More Trouble) that they'd come up with an intriguing cast of characters. Most are names with which you'll be familiar: Herbert, Mark E, Jazzanova's Alex Barck & Christian Prommer. But perhaps the best mix comes from the least known: Tuff City Kids, AKA Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer. The Frankfurt duo turn in a classic Hi-NRG instrumental, whose propulsion is almost impossible to resist. Herbert channels Smith 'N Hack's remix of his own "Moving Like a Train" on his take of Lloyd's The Wolf's Sun. It's a stomper, plain and simple, with cut-up vocals providing much of the fun until he lets loose with a synth solo that'll have you either running to the floor or away from it. Mark E plays to type with a sedate groove that hovers around 110 BPM, but is bogged down by the farting noise that he puts front and center, while Barck and Prommer go properly deep and epic before building to a strong Innervisions-friendly groove.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fire Flies (Tuff City Kids Remix) A2 The Wolf's Sun (Matthew Herbet's Stink Mix) B1 The Wolf's Sun (Mark E Remix) B2 The Wolf's Sun (Barck & Prommers Sophisticated Disco Mix)