Adam Marshall - Burn EP

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  • "Things that are uncomfortable are sometimes good for the soul." So goes the old Chinese proverb…probably. Regardless of whether someone really did scratch these sentiments into parchment centuries ago, though, it's undeniably true. And, conveniently enough, illustrated in the lead track of Adam Marshall's new EP. "Burn It Down" starts out as a pretty straightforward tech-house groove, but quickly descends into unstructured chaos with a bass lead that breaks free from its leash and feverishly devours all it can clamp its jaws on. (This is before the sub kicks in and makes you cry for mummy, by the way.) Having only listened to it on headphones, I can only imagine the apocalyptic results of this being dropped on a proper system, and eagerly look forward to experiencing the resulting devastation. Some may find the relentless bass-attack irritating and grating, but for me it's an awesome lead, and the judicious use of the chest-breaking sub only serves to reinforce its painfully severe effects. "Destroy (The)" is heavy on the percussion and chopped-up spoken-word vocals. It's fine, but really only serves to highlight how distinctive "Burn It Down" is. "Grapple," meanwhile, is a more acidic affair, totally different in style and tempo to the previous two tracks, pushing gritty synths to the front of the mix and oozing a ridiculously infectious groove. It's the kind of track that would find you totally losing yourself in a club, eyes closed for its duration before looking up and realising that you're the only one dancing.
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      A Burn It Down B Grapple Digital: Destroy