Till von Sein - Sundowna

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  • The original mix of Till von Sein's latest was already cluttering the wallets of those who would be into that kind of thing for some time now, so it's official release on Supplement Facts comes as news most welcome. It drops with an impressive haul of remixes, of which all but the digital-only Layo & Bushwaka mix remain pretty firmly lodged in the deep category. The original immediately grabs your attention with a vocal yelp straight out of the jungle and a lovely kick that envelops all that surrounds it in a warm, throbbing glow. And that's before the introduction of a "You better ask somebody" Snoop sample. (The coolest line ever uttered by a French-braided school kid?) Dyed Soundorom and Shonky's remix is significantly more energetic, with a beautiful squelchy bassline running around like an excited puppy, but doesn't deviate too much from the sound and style of the original. Joeski's mix takes things deeper, floating the vocal off into space and ending up half-Cafe Del Mar sunset fodder and half-post-6 AM warm-down house. The only vague disappointment on the package comes courtesy of the biggest names. There's nothing wrong with Layo & Bushwaka's mix, descending as it does towards the lightest of techno realms. It just doesn't really do anything; basic bassline, basic beats, basically pointless.
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      A1 Sundowna B1 Sundowna (Dyed Soundorom & Shonky Remix) B2 Sundowna (Joeski's Deep Down Mix) Digital: Sundowna (Layo & Bushwacka's Tropix Mix)