The Mole - Dreamer Keep On Dreaming

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  • The French have that saying: Les extremes se touchent. It basically means that opposites are drawn to each other. Many artists have made much out of this principle: A pitchblack oil-canvas might very well profit from an anarchic brush of white. A nervous flute is sometimes the ideal sibling to a subterranean tuba sound. Or simply listen to the The Mole's "For the Lost" on Internasjonal: an uber-physical bassline builds up to eerie-airy synths, both elements complementing each other perfectly. This sense of beneficiary antagonism permeates many of Colin de la Plante's productions. It's a bittersweet game, and on this EP for Musique Risquee the Canadian dervish is at it again. "Last Ditch," which is featured prominently on the Rub N Tug RA podcast, is a burning discotheque sprinkled in melancholy. The track thrives with The Mole's trademark shuffling and is all about slackening and tightening the reins of that wild horse called dance floor. "Oh my Stomach" is more laid-back and even-tempered, while "Dreamer" is a crooner which you'd always wanted to hear from such a disco-romanticist. If one is to say that The Mole is a master at balancing out moods, the same goes for this record: A superbly rounded-out product.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dreamer A2 Oh My Stomach B1 Last Ditch