Roman Flugel - Brian Le Bon

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  • Roman Flugel is a bit like a box of chocolates. You never know... Bad movie quote, but in Flugel's case, it's true. Alter Ego, Acid Test, Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Sensorama, Roman III, Roman IV: It's hard to overstate the breadth of genres that Flugel has produced and found their way into his DJ sets. As a co-founder of esteemed Frankfurt imprint Playhouse, he'd have to be. And as the next jock in Robert-Johnson's mix series, he once again proves it. Before all that, though, we have a 12-inch selection with two Flugel originals taken from the mix. Both point toward the electro edge that dominates the mix. As "N.M.I.S.M.D." comes early on in the proceedings, it's a peak-timer with a bounce in its step and an "awww, yeah" vocal sample in its pocket. Analogue to the core, you can almost imagine Flugel in the studio finishing the track up and immediately digging out Armando's "Don't Take It"—the tune which follows it on the mix—with a knowing grin on his face. "Brian Le Bon" is more majestic, revealing sweeping strings that quietly stretch out underneath an 808 strut. It's perfect closer material, the type of end-of-night tune that makes you jack and tear up in equal measure.
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      A Brian Le Bon B N.M.I.S.M.D.